New York Knicks Train Knows What Will Happen To Their Season

A sign of things to come for the Knicks

New York Knicks Train is Hopeless

New York Knicks Train is Hopeless 

Even the trains in New York knows that the New York Knicks will be no good this season.

Last season, there was a lot of drama with the Knicks with Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, owner James Dolan among other things. This season they finally got rid of Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony but looks like Knicks fan isn't at all still satisfied with the development.

Yes, they have a great young player in Kristaps but they lost a perennial scorer in Carmelo Anthony for players that don't match up with his productions in Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott. They may have removed the melodrama in New York but why does it still seem hopeless?

New York subway offers passengers a chance to show how they feel in an advertisement by FS1.  Not shown in the photo above, but there is a side of the train where people can choose to be positive and be hopeful. I wonder how many people have already sat down on these chairs.

New York Knicks Fans

Blame it on Phil Jackson
Blame it on James Dolan
Blame it on Carmelo Anthony
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