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Pinoy Boxer Michael Dasmarinas Wins at Suntec Singapore at his Debut Fight for Ringstar Boxing


SINGAPORE, 22 October 2017 –  Filipino boxer Michael “Hot & Spicy” Dasmarinas, lived up to his monicker and spiced up the evening at Ringstar Boxing’s ‘The Roar of Singapore III’, held at Suntec Convention & Exhibition in Singapore last weekend.

Michael knocked out his Thai opponent, Phupha Por Nobnom, in the second round of the supposed 6-round IBO undercard bantamweight division fight.

Dasmarinas says, “I am thankful to all those who helped me win this fight.  To my friends, manager, my family, thank you to all of you.  This is for all of you.”

Michael’s story of hardships as a young child were shared previously in Philippine media and got him a lot of attention, with CNN Philippines Anchor Mico Halili, even suggesting that his next monicker as he becomes a bigger fighter should be “Gloves on Fire”, since he had a story that his gloves were burned when he was 9-years old by a family member, who did not want him to get into the sport which is ironically, his bread and butter now.

With this with, Michael’s next bout will be a world title fight in 2018.

Ringstar Founder and CEO Scott Farrell says, “He is ‘Hot and Spicy’, but I also like the new proposed name ‘Gloves on Fire’.  Michael is a great boxer and world class.  I am going to help him to be one of the best in the world.  Under Ringstar Promotion, he will become a world champion in 2018.”

Favored Singaporean boxer Muhamad “The Chosen Wan” Ridhwan on the other hand, whose fight against Namibian Nataniel Sebastian, became truly the most exciting fight of the night, with 12 rounds of aggressive back and forth of both fighters.  Both of whom before entering the ring were undefeated, Ridhwan with a 8-0 record and Sebastian with a previous 9-0 record before the night ended. 

Trash talking also took place at the press conference two days before the fight, with Ridhwan, the more confident of the two, even slamming Sebastian’s fight record.  

Ridhwan received a unanimous decision from the three judges, with a score of 115-113, 115-113 and 115-114.

Asked if he was surprised with Sebastian’s ability to sustain the 12 rounds, Ridhwan says, “I neutralized that, he couldn’t fight in the middle, that’s why I took control of the punches.  He pushed the limits though, he brought it to 12 rounds, but I’ve been there before.  I’ve been there in training.  It was a good test.  We learn from this, we are just going to grow stronger and better.”

Ringstar’s Founder and CEO Scott Farrell also announced at the end of the evening, that Ringstar will be back in February 2018 in Dalian, China, then April again in Singapore.



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