The Only Way is Up from the Land Down Under

When we start getting interested in spectator sports, we tend to stick with local games and teams. After all, they’re what we’ve grown up with. We’re familiar with the rules, techniques and key players. But as time goes on, you may want to start broadening your field of interest a little. There are so many great sports, teams, and individual players out there that it can feel that while the sporting world is your oyster, you’ve found yourself a little trapped and confused within it. But not to worry. We’re here to guide your attention to Australian Football, a truly astounding sport that is so often overshadowed by the already established giant that is American football.

Differences Between American Football and Australian Football

While American and Australian football have much fewer differences than, say, American football and English Football (or soccer), it is important to remember that they are two distinct sports that follow different sets of rules. Both American and Australian football are played with an egg-shaped leather ball. However, changes already become apparent when you see the pitches that these two games are played on. The pitch for American football will typically be 110 metres by 49 metres. For Australian football, it will be 130-185 metres by 110-155 metres. The aussie quarters are also slightly longer, coming in at twenty minutes each, as opposed to American football’s fifteen minute quarters.

Getting to Know the League

Australian football is run by the AFL (short for the Australian Football League). The league determines where different teams lie in terms of their ability and success. The better the team, the higher they climb on the AFL ladder. Each team wins four points for a win and two for a tie. Once these amounts have been worked out, teams are weighed up on the basis of “points for” them and “points against” them. Points “for” are the total number of points a team scored as an aggregate of the season’s games. Points “against” are an aggregate of points scored against the team by opponents. Their overall position is then determined by totaling the number of “points for” and dividing this figure by “points against” and multiplying the total by 100. This may sound difficult at first, but it will begin to come easily to you as you get more comfortable with the game. In short, the best way to understand how the league works and which team you want to support is to attend games. Secure tickets for the AFL through trusted, reliable sellers and get ready to dive headfirst into your new passion.

Key Players

Just like any other sport, Australian football has its icons and greats. So it’s time to start doing your research and getting to know their achievements. For a start off, take a look at Tim Cahill, Tomi Juric, and Mile Jedinak. The more you read around players, the more notice you will take of their skill and technique on the field.

With the rising popularity of Australian football, it’s fair to say that the only way is up for the land down under right now!

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