Video: Kevin Ferrer vs Glen Rice Jr Physical Altercation

Kevin Ferrer tries to get into the head of Glen Rice

Glen Rice Jr vs Kevin Ferrer

The game three battle between two heated rivals was full of in-game actions as well as special side attractions. From the verbal confrontation of Al Francis Chua and Coach Racela to the confrontation of players including Kevin Ferrer and Glen Rice Jr.

In the second quarter, Kevin Ferrer tries to get in the head of Glen Rice as he implements some sticky defensive tactics that almost flared up Glen as he pushes away Kevin Ferrer. Both were warned by the referee but Kevin continues to bother the import. 

Talk n Text lost tonight with the score of 106 -103 and while Glen Rice scored a game high of 44 points, he missed the most important shot that almost gave them another opportunity for an overtime. 

Kevin Ferrer, on the other hand, played only for 15 minutes and had zero points on a 0/3 shooting. 

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