Watch Out Boxing Promoters, UFC Could Eventually Do a Boxing Event

UFC, thinking of putting boxing match under their event

The 48-year-old president of the UFC Dana White recently appeared on a podcast hosted by Wallstreet Journal as he talks about MMA, UFC and other things that includes promoting a real boxing event.

I could see bringing boxing under our umbrella and trying to see what we could do with that, I could see doing that. - Dana White said during an interview on the Wall Street Journal's The Unnamed Podcast.

It is no secret that Dana White is also a fan of the Sweet Science. He has been one of the well-known followers of boxing and recently, he himself was part of a boxing event when MMA Fighter Conor McGregor faced Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The President of UFC certainly had disrupted the fight game started when he created the Ultimate Fighting Championship and now it has grown bigger, and they continue to create new innovation and disruption in the marketplace and it looks like they are not done.

Personally, I think a boxing match inside the cage could happen anytime soon, it's just a matter of time. After all, the Octagon resemble a ring more than the boxing ring that's really square shaped.

Check out the Podcast below.

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