14th Straight Triumph: Celtics Refuses to Bow Down Infront of Defending Champs

Is the Celtics just the future top team of the East? Or the future top team of the league?

Kyrie Irving

Jaylen Brown and the rest of the Boston Celtics vanquishes the unready Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, 92 – 88. All Green starters finished with double figures. Curry just didn’t have it today.

It was a thrilling final minute deadlock at 88, but it was Kyrie’s and Tatum’s free throws that sealed the game.

As the game approaches the final one minute, it was Warriors who have the raging momentum as they drilled the hoop twice in a row from beyond the arc, one from Kevin Durant and the other from Klay Thompson pushing the team up ahead 88-86 but it was the last run they’ve made.

Durant missed the crucial basket that could’ve tied the game at 90 whilst Al Horford secured the defensive board and Curry ended up giving the foul on Tatum who managed to hit both free throws, the deciding moment which favored the Boston to break away.

Steph Curry played after recovery but is not in good shape, playing 31 long minutes with only 9 points. 

Durant was alone in the ultimate fight with 24 points barely backed up by Thompson with only 13 points, and Draymond Green with 11.

It was a close game yet the superstar showdown failed to commence. It seemed like KD was the only one pumped up for the Dubs.

The Dubs had a huge edge on the early minutes, even sizzled with an 8 to nothing run to stretch an 8 point lead in the 1st quarter, and ending the 1st 12 minutes with a 10-point lead 28-18.

But the Boston crawled behind slowly as the lead was chopped won to just 5 at the half and tied the game at the end of the 3rd at 68.

It was a close game despite Kevin Durant being a one-man team, it’s just that Celtics had the final push and drained the time to dilute comeback possibility of the Dubs.


Celtics 92 – Brown 22, Horford 18, Irving 16, Morris 12, Tatum 12, bench – 12

Warriors 88 – Durant 24, Thompson 13, Green 11, Curry 9, Pachulia 6, bench - 25

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