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Ball Scrutiny: 3 Reasons Why Nets Could’ve Won Against Celtics

Kyrie Irving Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets fell one step short in claiming victory against the Boston Celtics 102-109. But the real fact is they’d really won the battle but ended up losing the war.

Here are 3 reasons why the Brooklyn Nets might have won against the Boston Celtics earlier.

1 – More Effective Team Plays

Nets executed their offense impeccably with a total of 26 assists compared to Boston with only 15. This just implies that their offensive force’s fluidity is way higher than that of Boston. More ball movement equals easier baskets for the team.

2 –Beyond the arc domination

14 triples are very distant when compared to only 9. It will be a total of 15 point difference in terms of production from the rainbow country which could’ve provided the Nets a huge opportunity to break away against Boston.

3 – Too Much Fouls

Here’s why all of the Nets domination ended up in vain. They give up 24 fouls whilst Boston only with 14, allowing the Celtics to make 22 easy points from the free throw line. Too many points made while the clock isn’t ticking is very vital, especially in a close match. 

Imagine that you earned points in a hard way through careful plays and outside shooting but then due to defensive carelessness resulting to too many fouls, the other team closed the gap you should have established in an easy swish.

Fouling in order to cease a building up momentum is a great defensive stand but if it was converted to free throws, thus the foul did not make a significant difference because after all, it’s not how strong the momentum is, the winning team will always be decided through total points bagged. Nets should have defended more carefully – fewer fouls given up.



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