Georges St-Pierre Talks About his Favorite NBA Player Plus Watch this Epic GSP Inside the Octagon Office Commercial

Georges St-Pierre is scheduled to fight Michael Bisping on November 4th at the MSG, New York.

We know that you can't wait long enough for the fight so we put together a couple of commercials just to remind you how versatile and flexible Georges is.

Six years ago, this was posted on YouTube and we thought this may be a good video to show first. 

At the height of his popularity, he was considered to be one of the best athletes and he earned sponsorship and commercials left and right including this ESPN sports center ad. 

One of my favorites.

We know Georges St Pierre is a multi-talented athlete but we  never knew that he could also play basketball, in fact, it looks like he is a big fan of the sports.

He even reveals his favorite player and team.  

Watch the video below.


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