What’s and How’s: No Curry, No Problem Beating Celtics

Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry

Okay folks, here are today’s What’s and How’s.

On the Dubs game against the Orlando Magic, the Curry-less Warriors managed to slip pass the Orlando Magic led by Kevin Durant. Can they do it again once they faced Kyrie Irving and the rest of Boston Celtics? 

If they can bag the victory against the green guys, then we’ll start our what’s and how’s so here we go.

What would Dub’s Victory over Celtics mean?

No question about it, the defending champs are a very strong team with or without their core Steph Curry. 

If somebody iss absent, then anyone from the team may suffice the gap and it’s not a piece of cake to fill in the void left by a Superstar. Why? Steph averages 25.2 points a game and that performance is just humongous and not all players can do it, some could not even reach it even once in their whole basketball career. But if the Dubs successfully win huge games like the one coming against Boston, then it will be an achievement even better than best!

It would give the Warriors an even tighter hold of the number one spot in the league and will only have one problem – The Rockets. These three teams are currently sitting in the top three spot and if the Warriors defeat Celtics, then they’ll redeem themselves after their loss against the Houston Rockets.

How will the Dubs overthrow Celtics without Steph?

Well, Steph and Klay Thompson aren’t called the Splash Brothers for nothing. Once you’re in a duo, that means your performance and capabilities are somewhat close to each other. 

Klay Thompson must suffice the outside shooting needed by the Dubs. It will be Kevin Durant who’ll carry the game but it is Thompson responsible for killer three pointers coming from anywhere. He needs to double-up his dominance beyond the arc to make Curry’s absence seem insignificant with what they do.

What would it mean for the Celtics if they lost against Warriors without Steph?

It would be disastrous. We know that the best match for Kyrie is Steph, and with him losing without his rival, it will be shameful. It would mean that Kyrie could not carry the whole Boston team with his current offensive power. Or if it is not about his point production, then it is a mission fail in terms of play making.

The game would not be a matter of defense, it would be a total shootout, the more you miss the higher chance of losing.

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