Balls-Eye: 4 Ways for the League to Keep Up with Gin Kings and SMB

Philippine Cup's gonna be a war between the twin towers.

But it does not necessarily mean that the rest of the league's already washed out beforehand.

We cannot deny the fact that 2 squads got the Goliath advantage. But the victory was never assured. All teams have equal chances of getting and winning the title shot in the Philippine Cup. But how can they torment the mighty towers of SMB and Ginebra?

1. Sparks beyond the arc

They may never beat them in the shaded area but a great interior strength brings a slightly loose hold on the rainbow country. Defense is so dense and sucked up inside that almost all forces were focused on that area. Thus, a clearer shooting horizon for every team's top gunner.

2. Field Efficiency

Tall guys give one significant advantage -- rebounds. Now the key to thwarting this weapon is depleting the chances of using it to 0% though realistically it may not be applicable, at least lower the chance to as lowest as possible. How? Take shots that most probably would go in. The less missed shots, the more they couldn't utilize the size advantage in the defensive end. There'll be nothing to rebound if there'll be no misses. Take the shots most probable to go down straight to the hoop.

3. Effective Transition Basketball

A huge line up is an incredible strength but relatively slow. The chances of beating them in a high-paced game is much higher than going head to head. It may be hard to stop their attacks but you would always have the chance to get the points back in a quick transition basket. Remember that defense is weakest when in transit. Too many loopholes uncovered for easy penetration.

4. Believe

Why? Ginebra had Greg Slaughter some few seasons ago and they aren't absolutely unstoppable. The Coffee Mixers beat them and other teams like TNT. It's just facing two versions of them in this league that made it different but not quite.


You won't face them simultaneously. After all, it is one team vs. One team and the hardest would only be facing two towers at a time and not all four of them.


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