Balls-Eye: Warriors-Cavs Match Up Already on Hype, How Crucial Is this Game?

Stephen Curry shooting over Tristan Thompson

Two weeks from now, two teams who clashed in the recent NBA Finals will go head to head once again. Two weeks is still a long wait but not to both squads and to their fans and pretty much everyone who knows about the NBA in every inch of the world.

Given the hype, what's the buzz behind the buzz? Just how significant will this game be for both ends?

It will be redemption for the Cavs of course. Though not totally because that match is a different story when we talk about a 'finals series'. For the Warriors, it's for their team's morale as well. They do not want to show their rival any signs of weakness at any point. They want to stay as ferocious as they are 'til they meet again in the final stage (if possible).

Finals Rematch Uncertainty

All teams will try to take both of them off the race to the finals especially these two special teams who snatched their usual no. 1 spot in the conference -- Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets which even made this game more crucial.


Warriors are on no. 2 in the West while Cavs hangs on no. 3 in the east. Who knows? The teams above them may slide all of a sudden and whoever wins between Cavs and Warriors will have the higher probability of climbing up the top spot. Though from the looks of things, their spot in the playoffs is secured. It is still best for teams like them to finish second to none in their respective conferences.


Whenever Cavs and Warriors meet up, it will always be more than just winning a game. There'll always be side dishes that are even more blazing than the game itself. Their story would never end 'til both of them will be shut down completely by an even more powerful squad.

Who knows? That team might be here right here, right now. 

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