Derrick Rose Trade Rumors, Reason for Coming Back and Message to Teammates

Derrick Rose does not care about money, Adidas wasn't the reason why he returned!

At 29 years old, Derrick Rose should still have been at the prime of his basketball career but unfortunately, it looks like his body is ready for retirement after yet again suffering another injury that may either need a surgery or another therapy.

Yes, Derrick Rose is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers after being absent for a while to figure out things and his future. Now that he is back, it does not mean that he is ready to play, in fact, it may be another week or longer before we can see the former MVP inside the court again.

But, why did he come back?

Why not? The fact is, Rose is still young and if he can find a way to not get injured he could probably still see three basketball years in his life. Derrick Rose played a total of 7 games with the Cavs averaging 14 points per game which is not at all bad. Rose' return to the Cavs does not make a lot of difference with the team but certainly, it is a welcome bonus especially with the Cavs who has a lot of veteran players who are prone to being injured.

During an interview, Rose stated the reason why he returned and debunked rumors that it was mainly because of an 80 million dollar contract with Adidas which will be put into waste if he decides to walk away from the game.

In the interview Derrick Rose said.

"Man, I don't care about -- not to be rude -- I don't care about no f---ing money," Rose said. "It's not about that. I've saved up enough money. It's not about that. If I wanted to leave, I would have left. Like I said, coming back here, starting with rehab that's my first step. Keeping it simple and just giving my team support and then I'll see what I see off the court."

If it's not about the money then it's probably about winning the championship. Rose has a great opportunity to win the elusive title with LeBron James and the Cavs and was very thankful for the opportunity to play with them. He also answered questions about asking for a trade and quickly said that there is no truth to it and he will never ask for a trade.

During his return, he also personally apologized to his team for being away and explained to them the reason why he needs to be away for the moment.

While there are reasons to be happy on Derrick Rose's return, there are a few things that will still be worrisome for the Cavs such as when he can actually play again.

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