Kia Picanto Defeats SMB in Preseason, The Start of Winning Ways for Kia?

Kia Win is a Positive Start for the Struggling Team

Claret School in Quezon City was the venue where Kia experienced it's first victory after a long drought. A win against the top team SMB is one that you would consider an accomplishement although both teams were not complete as SMB missed the service of their center and MVP JunMar Fajardo.

Jack Corpuz led Kia with 12 points and former SMB player McCarthy scored 8 points. SMB on the other hand relied with Lassiter who scored 16 points and Cabagnot with 15 points. The game ended with a score of 78-75.

An SMB loss to Kia is unexpected but since it us just the preseason there is no reason to be alarmed but Kia on the other hand have everything to be happy about as the win especially against SMB could be a big boost for a team that has not tasted a vicotry for a long time.

Kia who claimed to be strategizing differently for the upcoming season may finally already be seeing the fruits of their labor.

Side note: Ronald Tubid did not play.

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