Mikee Romero: PBA Season a Go

Outgoing chairman says dispute will be settled before December 17

The question remains: Will Chito Narvasa remain? (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

The PBA has been in a stalemate situation ever since the blockbuster trade between the Kia Picanto and the San Miguel Beermen. First, the majority of the teams questioned the validity of the trade, saying that it's destroying the draft- and the PBA in general. Then, the trade was approved by now embattled PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa. Then, 7 of the 12 PBA team owners submitted a resolution which stated that they are no longer extending Narvasa's term as commissioner. Then, the remaining 5 teams stood by Narvasa. Then, came along the annual planning session of the PBA in the United States- which turned out to be a vacation instead due to the lack of proper quorum.

Now, the 43rd season of the PBA is scheduled to open on December 17, 2017. However, this dispute between the MVP Group and the SMC Group had fans worried that the season won't start on time due to tension. In fact, there was once a rumor about a possible lockout which was immediately shot down.

In a recent interview, outgoing Chairman, Mikee Romero of GlobalPort, he assured the general public that yes, there will be a 43rd season and yes, it will open on December 17 as originally planned. While the fans needed the assurance that there will be a new season of the PBA, what they need the most is a closure of the heated battle between the two groups. Why?

A closure will determine whether or not, Chito Narvasa will remain as PBA commissioner entering the new season. In addition to this, having the PBA Board united anew will send a positive message to the fans that this is the PBA, putting aside their personal agenda for the benefit of the league and the fans.

While there is no official word yet regarding the future of Chito Narvasa, he will probably remain as commissioner so that there would be a smooth continuity of things that are lined up for the new season.


Regardless of who will be the PBA commissioner come December 17, the PBA will definitely open on that day as stated by Mikee Romero because of the PBA, for some Filipinos, is the source of their happiness. 


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