Videos of the day: Heroes of Sports Videos

What's up Powcasters? Yesterday, we celebrated Bonifacio Day. To pay tribute to our very own Gat Andres Bonifacio, we have compiled three videos that somewhat relate to being a hero.

At number 1, here's the compilation videos of some of the best athletes and fans meeting. Make sure you watch until the end because it's totally going to make your day.

1. Fans Meeting Their Sports Heroes Compilations

Since we are talking about heroes today, it would not be right if we do not show a video of the greatest Filipino boxer ever and a true boxing hero to the Philippines.

2. Watch Manny Pacquiao's Greatest Hits

Let's keep the heroes conversation going in our 3rd and the last video of the day, in fact, let's make it super. Our last video is a super basketball match-up between superheroes Spiderman and Deadpool, before watching the video below, can you guess who you think won in this basketball game?

3. Spiderman vs Deadpool basketball. 

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