Bounceback: 3 Reasons Behind Celtics Ending 4 Straight Losses

Kyrie Irving

We just have to try and come out with a victory tomorrow.

These are the words uttered by Marcus Smart after the Lakers game yesterday wherein he took the crucial of the crucial shots. The shot that cost the game for the Celtics. The shot that he missed and let Celtics fell into the 4 straight losses pit.

But just like what he has said, the Boston Celtics just have to come out today and win against the Clippers.

And so it happened. Why? How?

This is how and why the Boston Celtics bounced back after 4 nights of despair.

1. Super Rozier off the bench once again

If there'd be a bench trump card readily available for the men in green, it would be none other than Terry Rozier. He scored 15 points tonight and a bench player scoring double digits is just big time. Bench players do not get a lot of playing time so it would be an ultimately efficient offense with a bench player finishing with significant numbers.

2. It's about staying on the course

These are words from Kyrie Irving. Yes, Boston lost 4 straight times but still, their spot on top is still theirs. They stumbled but didn't get knocked off course. Just like Marcus Smart and the other guys. The losing streak doesn't seem to affect their morale adversely. A game is just a matter of winning and losing. Sometimes you're the former and sometimes the latter. Nothing more and nothing less. It is how you get your losses back that matters.

3. Must Win Mentality

If they lost against Clippers. All the Raptors have to do is not to lose until they get enough number of games to slip pass Celtics. This game would be very critical standings-wise. An extreme danger awaits for Celtics in the name of Toronto Raptors if they've fallen for the 5th straight time. Luckily, they've won a critical victory, let themselves out of the pit and somehow be in comfort on top so far.

But Celtics still could not take a deep breath of relief as the Warriors will be the next on their way. The battle of the conqueror of both ends.

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