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Potential: Houston We have a King Next Season!

Houston Rockets aim to sign LeBron James & re-sign Chris Paul, according to ESPN's Zach Lowe.

Houston is a nice landing spot for the King but do they have enough cap space and selling point to lure the most in-demand player of the upcoming free agency.

James Harden and Chris Paul may be enough reason to consider joining the Rockets as the already great team could form the super teams of all super teams. James Harden alone is able to carry the Rockets to the playoffs and the top of the standing, what more if LeBron James would be part of the roster?

There a few potential landing spot for LeBron James next season such as the Lakers, Sixers and Houston Rockets who have been trying to make a bold move since last season when they attempted to lure in Carmelo Anthony to the city.

Rockets are interested

It's public that they are interested in getting LeBron James and in order to do that they would have to let go of a number of players to give the King his well-deserved salary and it looks like they may have just that come next season.

We won't be surprised if he chose the Rockets but we would expect him to stay put in Cleveland because everything else that other teams are offering is with his current team, besides, there's no guarantee that joining two or three great players could form a championship team. 



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