Bouncy Thoughts: Who Broke LeBron's Ankle in the NBA?

LeBron James

Would you believe if I said nobody yet?

Yes, it is true. Nobody in the NBA broke LeBron's ankle yet. Note that, crossover is different from ankle breaker. Numerous players have passed LeBron's defense but penetrating with an ankle breaker is a higher degree of destroying your defender, which nobody has done to LeBron even once.

Though LeBron's ankle was broken way back his high school days wherein he faced another superstar of another school, the play resulted to an airball and LeBron has a dominating performance over his rival.

Sadly, the said guy failed to join in the NBA. It could've been spectacular if we see LeBron James and this guy's unfinished business unfold in the NBA as a platform. Who knows? Steph Curry or Kevin Durant may not be the one being compared to King James.

This maybe is one of the reasons why LeBron is called the king. A king never bows down, same as LeBron never hitting the floor due to a broken ankle.

What does it mean to have a broken ankle?

Well, some results into a literally broken ankle injury but ankle breaker just means confusing the defender on where the attacker would go until his feet would be in the wrong place and once he took another step, he'll be out of balance.

But what's more behind a broken ankle?

You'll be destroyed mentally. Breaking one's ankle is the best way to finish plays at the same time the worst way to lose against your man especially if it is an isolation play -- a completely one on one duel on the floor.

Though LeBron's ankle hasn't been broken yet, it does not necessarily mean that it wouldn't be for the rest of his career. Who knows? This might be the defining moment to test who's who between him and KD. But of course, an ankle breaker wouldn't be a reason to forget LeBron's all-time greatness. Retiring with or without a broken ankle would not distort King James' greatness.

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