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Dwyane Wade Traded to Miami, LBJ Sends his Message

Dwyane Wade is heading back home to South Beach

How it's supposed to be. Love you, my guy! - LBJ to Wade

According to ESPN, the Cavaliers have traded Wade to the Heat for a heavily protected second-round pick in 2020. The draft pick will then be shipped to the Kings as part of the George Hill trade Cleveland executed earlier in the day.

Dwyane Wade played a total of 46 games with and an average 14.7 points in 23 minutes wearing the Cavs uniform as he and his buddy LeBron James tries to relive the good old days and was hoping to recapture the same success, unfortunately, it didn't go their way and the two will be separated once again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to make a lot of league shaking moves that involve shipping back Wade to his former team in Miami. 

Dwyane Wade at 36 is beyond his prime but the love of the Miami fans has not passed yet and we expect a warm welcome when he returns back to the city that he once carried two multiple championships.

Good luck Dwyane Wade! 



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