Lebron as a Warrior: Lebron to Durant Era Transition

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant

Who would have thought that rumors like 'LeBron James to play for the Golden State Warriors' would ever be possible?

Well, it is not just an ordinary rumor. It is a real news, LeBron James can really play for the Warriors given some terms and conditions of course by the league but anyway, enough of that. Let's just take a look at what if it already happened? LeBron James would actually be a Warrior?

Most probably, Durant would be released due to salary purposes. But what if it is possible for both KD and LeBron to play for the Dubs? Who'll stand out with the two?

Apparently, both Cavs and Warriors fans and even the whole league didn't like it. Durant would still star the Warriors while LeBron would deal against a pack of haters saying that 'NBA is Over' at least in the early phase. Maybe the majority would quit watching the NBA. LeBron may lose a lot of his fans because we love seeing them playing in different teams. The majority would view this trade as an absolute path to Championship for the Warriors.

So would it still be the LeBron Era or the birth of KD's?

It would be KD's. LeBron's reign would be over no matter how good he'll play for the Dubs. Kevin Durant is already an enough fuel for the Warriors so adding LeBron James would be insignificant anymore. So, LeBron would not bring a big change for the Warriors for the better but a drastic change on the whole league including the global fans itself.

It may not sound as pleasant as it should be but the KD era would not entertain as much people. It can also be marked as an era wherein the NBA would slowly deteriorate. 


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