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Stephen Curry is the Greatest Player Who Ever Lived, or is he Overrated?

Against the Los Angeles Clippers last night, the two-time MVP put on another show that set the NBA universe in a frenzy as he was once again virtually unstoppable. 

Stephen Curry scored 44 points and while there are a number of star players that can put up the same kind of numbers, it was the way Curry made it more spectacular. 

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are just some of the players that came to mind when we are talking about shooting threes but as good as they are, their legacy would never be as great as what Stephen Curry has already accomplished in his career. 


Imagine Allen Iverson's speed and handles with shooting better than everyone else? Curry virtually unstoppable from any corner of the court. Last night was a reminder of how mere mortals can't do anything when Curry is hot. Crossover inside for a layup, jump shot from way outside the arc, it just didn't matter. 


With Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson lurking on the side, there is no shortage of offensive weapons in Golden State Warriors. The greatest shooter in the greatest team means trouble for other teams.

You can't guard, can't be a double team and basically can't do anything. Last night he made 8 three-pointers in just 13 attempts. He also tallied 9 assists to top it all. 

In my eyes, Curry still will be and should be included in the conversation of the greatest shooter and player ever. Only time will tell us how far he can still go but as it is, he is already leading the pack.


Watch "Stephen Curry DOMINATES in 1st Game After the All-Star Break | February 22, 2018

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