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The Second Half Grind: Questions to be Answered in the Second Half of the NBA Season

Lebron James MVP All-Star 2018

With the All-Star weekend already in the books, fans still have a long second half to look forward to.

With all of the fun times that were brought about by the recently-held All-Star weekend which was capped by an impressive come-from-behind win by Team LeBron over Team Stephen, the rest of the NBA now takes a few days of rest as teams are preparing for the second half of the season where the real challenge starts because the second half of the season is when teams make their respective push to make a run at a playoff spot.

Of course, there are some questions that need answering and they will be once the season ends. Below are just some of the questions which some of you are asking right now:

  1. Can the Cavs claim the top spot in the Eastern Conference?

    Over the past 3 years, we have been used to seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers ruling over the East that some were already complaining about the visible lack of challenge from the other teams in the East. This season has been one of the most difficult ones for the Cavs. The Cavs were struggling so bad that it made LeBron James admit for himself that yes, this has been indeed, one of his struggling seasons with the Cavs.

    Just a few hours before this year's trade deadline, the Cavs agreed to trade 6 of their players and they received four new players: Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., George Hill and, Rodney Hood. The Cavs have been winning all of their games since they made the trade and in all of those wins, the new recruits contributed well.

    At 34-22, the new faced-Cavs are currently in the third spot in the East- 6 and a half games behind the top-seeded Toronto Raptors. Can they catch up with the Boston Celtics and the Raptors? Or the better question is: will the Cavs risk getting their players tired and possibly injured just to get the top seed?
  2. Can the Houston Rockets keep the West's top seat?

    The Houston Rockets have already overtaken the Golden State Warriors at the top of the Western Conference as the Rockets have a 44-13 record- half a game ahead of the Warriors. The Rockets headed into the All-Star break with a 10-game winning streak. In fact, the Rockets have already beaten the Warriors earlier this season so it's no question that the Rockets are a better team this season compared to last season and part of that success is the fact that they have Chris Paul playing the point guard position like a god alongside MVP candidate, James Harden.

    Can the Rockets keep on winning AND stay atop the West? Yes, as long as they stay healthy and James Harden continues to play like the MVP he would be.
  3. Can OKC keep on climbing up?

    Make no mistake, folks, the Oklahoma City Thunder were one of the disappointing teams during the early months of the season as they struggled to get their act together despite having Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and, Russell Westbrook in their line-up.

    Guess what? OKC has appeared to have finally figured how to play with 3 stars as they entered the break with a 33-26 record which puts them in 5th position. This is a better OKC squad compared to the one who dwelled below the top 10 of the West during the first two months of the season. Can they snatch a top 4 spot? If they want to keep Paul George after this season, they better do so.
  4. Can the Lakers make one last push for a playoff spot?

    Realistically and mathematically speaking, the Los Angeles Lakers are still in contention for a playoff spot as they are currently down 8+ games behind the New Orleans Pelicans.

    But frankly speaking, given the fact that they have gained another problem named Isaiah Thomas, it will be a long shot for the Lakers to go on a big run.


One thing is certain for now. The rest of the NBA will be busy once the second half of the 2017-2018 season gets going. Will the Cavs remain in the top 3 or are they going to be kicked out from the playoff picture? Will the Warriors be able to dominate the West anew like they did in the previous 3 seasons or, will the Rockets finally blast off and hopefully land to the NBA Finals? Everything is possible as long as there's will. Well, except for the Lakers making the playoffs because as it is right now, they are nowhere near playing like a playoff-bound team. 



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