Why Are More Drivers Choosing The Honda Civic Than Ever Before?

Choosing a vehicle is one of the most important consumer decisions that anybody makes. And it is a situation that most drivers find themselves in once every 3-5 years. While the array of cars currently on the market is greater than ever, some are unquestionably more popular than others. The Honda Civic has been a popular solution ever since it first hit the roads back in the 1970s, and that trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 
In fact, statistics show that U.S sales were up 2.8% in 2017 to sit eighth in the list of most sold new units for the year. Frankly, the best part of 380,000 new vehicles doesn’t get sold through potluck. There are many reasons why drivers are turning to the 10th generation Civic. Firstly, there is something very comforting in upgrading to a newer version of the car you previously owned. Besides, this often unlocks a good trade in value. 
Aside from familiarity, drivers can place trust in the Honda brand. The Japanese giant has built winning vehicles for a number of decades, serving a global audience with great efficiency.   

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Image: The Civic is still a major weapon in Honda’s arsenal.
The Honda Civic is a versatile car, available in a variety of models suited to drivers of various backgrounds. Whether it’s the Type-R, Si Sedan, or Civic Coupe doesn’t matter. The entire range is available in multiple colors and with various add-ons. Some models are available brand new for under $20k, and it’s worth noting that car leasing has put drivers in a more powerful position than ever before too. When motorists can get behind the wheel of their dream car without bankrupting themselves, it’s only natural that sales increase. 

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Image: The Civic still brings a lot to the table
With so many options, drivers can find a Civic for any situation. Whether it’s a work car, a young driver’s pride and joy, or a family motor isn’t important. With a little research into the available models, finding the right solution becomes easy. Furthermore, this is one of the safest brands on the market, which is something else that should not be ignored. 
In addition to being practical, the modern Civics look amazing from the outside and even better inside the cabin. Of course, additional tech features and upgraded upholstery will take things to another level. Even without those features, though, the Honda will satisfy the need for achieving a solid image as well as immense comfort. 

A car that looks and feel great in the short-term is one thing, but a vehicle built for years of enjoyment is another altogether. Civics do not require too much attention while auto repair services tend to be quick and affordable. Likewise, the popularity of the motor means that the experts will have seen and experienced all types of damage.   
Honda Civics make great sense from a financial standing, a practical viewpoint, and the need for great appearances. As such, all the right boxes are ticked in emphatic style. Do not be surprised if the 2018 figures show a further increase in sales.   

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