The Fitting Question: Will LeBron James Fit in with the Lakers?

Lebron James holding basketball

The LBJ to LA noise is getting noisier but can the King actually fit in with Lonzo Ball and company?

The LeBron James lottery has been going around even before the start of the current and it's expected to end when LeBron James finally makes another decision on whether to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers or, play elsewhere.

But, with the things that have been going on with the Cavs as of late, Kevin Love being out, again, LeBron James has no choice but to play solo again- like he used to do for the Cavs during his first few years with the team. If things don't go well for the Cavs in the playoffs, it's almost an assurance that LeBron James will be leaving Cleveland for the second time around.

While LeBron James has already narrowed down his list of teams that he'll likely play for come next season and beyond, there has been one team in the Western Conference that has been considered by most pundits as the top destination for LeBron: the Los Angeles Lakers.

While seeing LeBron James play for the Lakers seems like the thing that needs to happen just for the Lakers to stop being so bad, there's also a lingering question: Will LeBron James fit just fine with the Lakers?

Here's the problem, folks. The Lakers is a team that is filled with young talent led by last year's second pick from the draft, Lonzo Ball. He may have been struggling with his shots for the most part of the season but as of late, he's finally getting things done on the offensive end despite his horrible shooting form. Julius Randle may have finally rediscovered how to play great basketball as he is averaging 15 points and 7 rebounds this season. Isaiah Thomas, despite being a defensive liability, has been proving that he still has what it takes to win with the Lakers, averaging 16 points per game since getting traded from Cleveland.

Now, if you're going to put a LeBron James into the picture, it will cause a chaos in the minutes of the rest of the team. Also, we shouldn't forget about the one problem that the Cavs have been facing for so long: the tendency of the team to rely on LeBron to bail them out from the brink of an embarrassing defeat. That's the same problem that the Lakers will inherit once LeBron makes the jump.

Then, there's the LaVar Ball problem, too.


This pundit on wheels isn't against the possibility of having LeBron James receiving an alley-oop lob from Lonzo Ball in the not so distant future. After all, who won't be delighted to have one of his generation's best players on their team? It's only the question of whether or not LeBron James and the Lakers will fit with one another considering the problems that may surface. 

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