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Bouncy Thoughts: Can this Ace Player Beat the Buzzer

Arwind Santos

Maybe, there is a chance but efficiency lingers behind a huge question mark.

Before we dig deeper, of course, I will first introduce the ace player I am talking about. You may or may not agree once you knew who this guy is but through all the years of watching him play, somethings are quite noticeable. Today we are going to talk about Arwind Santos taking a winning buzzer beater shot.

Would he make it? or would he make his team lose?

To make the scenario even more intense, think of San Miguel Beermen in a do or die finals game two points down with only two seconds left for the game clock to tick off. 

An SMB player is ready to get the ball inbounds, everybody was trapped by the opposing team's tight final defense but only the spiderman managed to get away with a clean look. The inbounder hurriedly passed the ball onto Santos' hands and Santos has a chance to land the killer blow.

Would he put the bomb down and take the championship?

But first things first. Can the ball leave his hand before game clock hits zero? Well, maybe not. Through the years of being a PBA fan, even you who may have just watched a couple of tournaments. Arwind's late release jumpers are quite evident. So before asking if Arwind can drill the hoop, at the moment releasing the ball in time is of more significance.

If time would not allow, SMB would lose the title and walk away with a silver.

But what if the release was on time?

Here come's the bright side. Holding the ball while on air much longer means calculating with higher accuracy. Therefore, Arwind's shot being released has a higher accuracy and would be plausible to be the final shot of the tournament.

The real fight for Arwind is to release the ball on time. 

Releasing time can be more easily improved than a shot accuracy. For instance, it is easier to improve speed than cultivate a talent.

Arwind can make clutch shots. But relative to time especially games less than three seconds, maybe the coaching staff needs to pull a different trigger.



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