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The Plot Thickens: Kawhi Leonard Wants to Leave San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard wants out

From what Nate Robinson has been hearing, it seems that Kawhi is on his way out

A playoff berth is yet to be secured and yet, the San Antonio Spurs might need to start about next season.

Yes, the Spurs are still in contention for a spot in the playoffs with a 45-33 record which ties them for the 4th and 5th places in the Western Conference alongside the Utah Jazz. With just 4 games left on their regular season schedule, the Spurs might need to win them all in order to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Then, there's now the possibility that the Spurs have seen the last of their Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard.

That is according to what Nate Robinson has been hearing from a "little birdie".

Apparently, the reason why Kawhi Leonard isn't playing despite being medically cleared to do so last March is the fact that he doesn't want to be in San Antonio anymore.

If what Nate Robinson is saying is true, then the rumor that several teams are already lining up this early to work up a trade deal involving Kawhi Leonard is now beginning to make sense since even Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich is at a loss when asked if he knows when Leonard will return. Or will he ever return to the Spurs?

To begin with, Kawhi Leonard is set to become a free agent in 2019 but if things are to be believed, then he can actually leave a year earlier. And according to Nate Robinson, Kawhi Leonard's desired destination is California. Are we going to see Kawhi Leonard in a purple and gold uniform soon?

Only two things can answer that question: time, and Kawhi Leonard himself.


If the Spurs can make a deep run into the playoffs without Kawhi Leonard, then Kawhi Leonard can go anywhere he desires. After all, it's already LaMarcus Aldridge who has been carrying the Spurs' scoring load in Kawhi's absence and it appears that Aldridge has already embraced this role. In addition to this, why would a player stay with a team if he doesn't trust their medical staff or worse, isn't communicating with his team? It doesn't make sense, at all. 

If we are to believe Nate Robinson, there is a possibility that we're going to see Kawhi Leonard in a different uniform come next season. 



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