Skip The Middleman & Sort Your Car!

A car is a pretty expensive thing to fix. The man willing to fix your car is most likely going to charge you an absolute fortune to do so, when a lot of the time, you could so easily fix it yourself if you just know what to do. But a lot of you will admit that you don’t know the first thing about fixing a car, or making sure a car looks nice and well maintained. Well, we’re here to change that for you. It’s really not so hard to maintain a car, all you need to do is a few things every month, all of which won’t take too much of your time, and your car will be perfect for years to come. Have a read on to find out more.

Simple Fixes

Sometimes what may seem like a big problem, is actually a really simple fix. People spend so much money taking their car to a garage, when it doesn’t even have to leave the drive. The first is a problem with the battery. If your car isn’t starting, the likely cause is either a dead battery, or one that has run its course. All you need is some spark plugs, another car, and 10 seconds of your time. Always make sure you’re attaching the right colour plugs to the right part of the battery. It could be fatal for either you or the car if you don’t! If that doesn’t work, all you need to do is purchase a new one, take the old one out, and put the other one in. It’ll be relatively easy and self explanatory to do.

Maintaining Appearances

A lot of people really do fail to maintain the appearances of their car. Instead, rubbish will pile up inside, and it’ll look as though the outside has turned a completely different colour as it hasn’t been washed for so long. Once a month you should try and clean your car, both inside and out. It might take a few hours, but if you want it done good, then that’s the price you have to pay. You could also think about keeping up appearances by getting a personalised number plate. You can easily learn how to fit a number plate to a car without damaging the rest of the car around it. Just make sure it is the right size, and the number plate is legal so that the car can be on the road. Make sure your number plate makes sense, and it’s exactly what you want it to be. Some of them can be rather costly, so you don’t want to be riding round in something you don’t like!

Don’t Mess With These

There are definitely some things that are best left to the expert, especially the engine. The engine is a complex structure, filled with parts that only a professional is going to be able to understand. The last thing you want to do is break your car further. If you notice problems with your breaks, this is also best left to an expert.


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