Here's How To Make Driving More Affordable For Your Teen

Think driving is expensive for you? Well, just wait until your kids become teenagers and start to show an interest in learning to drive - you might be amazed at just how much more expensive it is for them! Because new drivers are more of a risk out on the roads compared to experienced drivers, you will find that their insurance policies tend to be a lot more expensive. But teenagers aren’t just expensive to insure because they are new behind the wheel; they are also expensive because they are, well, teenagers! You can no doubt remember what you were like as a teenager - most of us would drive around as if we were invincible and would always aim for the top speeds. So, there is no wonder that the majority of car collisions are caused by new teenage drivers. As a result, their monthly insurance premiums are extremely high!

Don’t panic, though; learning to drive doesn’t have to bankrupt you or your teenager. Here are some ways you can make it cheaper for them.

Go For A Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

Have you heard about pay-as-you-drive insurances? These might be just the ticket for your teen as they are a great way of keeping insurance premiums down to a minimum. So, what exactly are they? Basically, you sign up with an insurance company and let them attach a device to your teen’s car that monitor’s their driving. It gives them all kind of data, such as how many miles they cover each day and how well they tend to stick to speed limits. They will use all of this information to figure out whether your child is a low or high-risk driver. If they are low, then you should see quite a bit of money shaved off their insurance premiums!

Think Carefully About Their Car

Before you go out and buy them a car, it’s worth considering which type of vehicle you will get them. There are some makes and models that are considered safer than others, and these will tend to be a lot cheaper to insure even if there is going to be a teen behind the wheel. Make sure you also look at cars that have smaller engines, as these won’t be able to reach the top speeds. It’s also worth thinking about how your teen or yourself will finance the car as this could be expensive. Generally speaking, it’s always a good idea to look for cars with zero deposit finance as then you and your teen won’t have to scramble around trying to find an initial deposit. It might also be worth finding a car that can be leased until the full value is paid off. That way, your teen’s insurance and taxes are covered in the monthly leasing cost.

Get Them To Take An Extra Driving Course

Your teens don’t have to stop learning about cars and driving just because they have passed their test and got their license. In actual fact, there are a few courses that are aimed at drivers to help them learn how to drive defensively and safely. Many insurers look favorably on drivers who have taken these kinds of extra courses because it is widely believed that they will be a lot safer out on the road. So, it’s a good idea to encourage your teenager to take such a course. Even though it may be quite pricey initially, it will work out cheaper in the long run as they won’t have to spend so much on insurance in the future.

Brag About Their Good Grades

How is your teen doing at college or high school? If they are always getting good grades, you should brag about them to the insurance company. Some companies offer a discount to those drivers who are good students. You might not have heard about it as not many providers like to broadcast it. So, if your child has recently got As or Bs in projects or their report, you should let the insurance firm know so that you can take advantage of these discounts.

Add Anti-Theft Devices To The Car

If the car is protected from thieves and burglars, you should find that your teen’s insurance premiums come in at fairly affordable prices. So, it’s worth looking for some anti-theft devices that you can buy and install onto the vehicle. For instance, an alarm system and a steering wheel lock. If you can prove that these are used in the car constantly, then the insurer should lower the premiums slightly.

Hopefully, your teen’s insurance won’t work out too pricey!