Here’s How You Keep that Brand-New Truck in Great Condition

If you have just splashed out on a brand-new truck then you will know how exciting the whole thing can be. You may promise yourself that you are going to do everything you can to look after it this time and you may even tell yourself that you are going to try and clean it every single week as well, but this really is never the case and you will probably end up neglecting it like every other truck you have had. If you want to avoid this vicious circle then you can find out whatever you need below.

Clean the Inside and Outside of Your Truck Every Month

An unclean truck will really attract dirt, grime and other problems as well. All of this can cause damage to the inside of your truck and it won’t do you many favors when it comes to picking your friends up after a night out. You need to stay on top of your cleaning and by doing it once a month, you can help to stop those big grime build-ups and this will make the job much faster as well.

Change Your Oil Every 5,000 Miles

Every truck maker has something to say when it comes to oil, but a lot of experts tend to agree that you need to change out your oil regularly if you want to get the best result out of your vehicle. If you are very confused as to what oil you should be buying then a synthetic one tends to be best. If you are worried about changing your oil yourself then get the local garage to do it for you. Your truck needs to have oil so that the engine can stay lubricated and it also helps to stop detergents as well. if your truck isn’t using fresh oil then dirt will kill your engine and this really will cost you thousands.

Tyre Pressure Every Month

Checking your truck’s tyre pressure is super important. If you have poor tyre pressure then this
will make braking much harder work and it also means that you get less mileage out of your gas as well. It’s super easy for you to check your truck’s tyre pressure and one way for you to do it is by using a gauge. It also helps to rotate your tyres now and again as well, so that you can make sure that they are wearing out evenly. This will help to save you money because it won’t cost you as much when it comes to replacing them, and your local garage can easily do this for you.

Replace Brake Pads Every 25,000 Miles

It’s super important that you take a look at your truck’s brake pads and that you get them replaced every 25,000 miles. It also helps to get them checked by a professional as well because if you don’t then you may end up hearing that nasty grinding noise from time to time. If you do happen to neglect your brake pads then this will cause your brake rotors to fail and you may end up paying hundreds to get them sorted out. A little maintenance can go along way here and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to get this done.

Check your Mirrors Every Day

Sure, it would be great if you had eyes in the back of your head but this is impossible. For this reason, your truck will come with a set of mirrors and it’s super important that you check these on a regular basis. All you have to do is make sure that you clean them whenever they need it, and also make sure that you stop the grime from building up too much. If the grime gets to a stage where it really sets in then you may find it especially difficult to remove and this is the last thing that you need.

Clean Your Truck Seats Once a Month

Another thing that you need to do is make sure that you clean the seats for your truck once a month. If you don’t then the grime and even the dust particles will eat away at your seats. Before you know it, your car or truck will look absolutely filthy as a result. You can get seat covers that will help to stop this but you do need to make sure that you keep these clean as well. If you don’t then you could lose out on hundreds when the time does come for you to sell your truck and this will also hurt you financially if you are trading your truck in as well, so this is something else that you really need to think about.

Wipe Down your Truck Bed Once a Month

If you have a truck bed then consider investing in some Tonneau covers for trucks. When you do this, you can easily stop your truck bed from collecting water and you can also stop part of it from rusting as well. If you are continually trying to transport items in your truck then this is a fantastic way for you to stop them from getting wet or dirty and they are very affordable to buy as well. You also need to wipe down the inside of your truck bed once a month as well. When you do this, you can easily stop any grime from building up and you can also help to keep all of your items super clean as well.

Of course, if you follow all of the above hints and tips then you can be sure to keep your truck in the best possible condition and you can also be sure to really get a good result out of your new purchase. If you want some more tips then try and hang an air freshener on your truck’s mirror to keep that new truck smell and also take it to a professional car wash every 3 months or so to get it waxed and well-maintained.