Motorbikes: Your Suspension And Changing Parts 

If you have recently purchased a motorcycle then it is important that you know a bit about the anatomy of the motor vehicle. The more you know about the motorcycle the more competent you will become. This does not only relate to driving the vehicle but also diagnosing problems and ensuring your vehicle is always running to optimum level too.


One vital part of any motorcycle is the suspension. This is responsible for several key functions and benefits when it comes to all motorbikes. The first thing the suspension does is provide a smooth ride. This is because it allows the motorcycle to absorb all of the imperfections and bumps in the roads. In addition to this, the suspension is also important because it enhances your control over the vehicle in relation to both handling and braking. All in all, the suspension is responsible for enhancing safety and increasing the drivability of the motorcycle.

Now we know what the suspension is used for, let’s delve a little bit deeper into what the suspension consist of. This is always recommended to know as it will prove to be very useful should anything go wrong with your motorcycle. By learning how everything works and comes together, you will have a much easier chance of deducing what is wrong and preventing motorcycle accidents. You can then take your motorcycle to a company specialising in fixing such issues because an early diagnosis will save a substantial amount of money.

The first thing you should be aware of when it comes to a suspension is the springs. There are four common types available. These include; progressive wound, straight wound, air assisted type and combination type. Why are springs important? Well the main purpose of them is to support the motorcycle. It also has the purpose of isolating the chassis and rider when the motorcycle drives over any bump.

However, the springs are not enough alone. In fact, if they were utilised solely the motorcycle would take ages to settle down, alternatively it would bounce up and down because of the energy of the springs. That is why dampers are used. This means that the suspension has been designed in such a way to zap the energy. For instance, say the front wheel of your motorcycle hit a bump, a lot of motorcycles will have oil in the form of shock absorber in order to damp the shock and minimise the energy.

Another important component of the suspension is the front forks. There are various different types of front folks available, such as the inverted forks and the cartridge forks. You also have the Saxon-Motodd fork. This has the purpose of supporting the spring. It actually has the opposite effect from traditional telescope forks because it causes the trail and castor angle to increase when breaking is occurring.

There are, of course, other parts that can be incorporated; however this section should give you a basic insight into motorcycle suspension; the benefits of it and what makes up a motorbike suspension.


There comes a time whereby you may need to purchase new motorcycle parts for your motorcycle. If you have noticed that your motorcycle is not working or is not performing as well as usual then you should consider buying new parts before you spend money on an unnecessary repair or in more extreme cases buy a replacement. Furthermore, motorcycle parts are also beneficial when you want to enhance your current motorcycle. You can do anything from making your motorcycle more powerful to completely altering the image of it. The possibilities are endless.

Nevertheless, before you jump right in and buy new parts you need to make sure you use the help of the experts in order to ensure you buy the best motorcycle parts. Of course you need to deduce what part you are going to buy. If you are buying for the purpose of a repair or a replacement then this should be evident. Nonetheless, you may need to troubleshoot the problem. You can find information on the Internet about different issues that commonly occur with motorcycles and thus you will be able to decipher what part you are going to need to replace. For instance, if you have poor fuel economy or a sluggish acceleration then you are likely to have a problem with your carburettor. However, there is no guarantee, as these can also be symptoms of other issues as well. For example, poor fuel economy can easily be as the result of a leak in one of the connecting pipes as well. Thus, it is imperative that you ask the advice of the experts before you go ahead and buy parts. If you replace the wrong part then you can easily end up damaging your motorbike further.

This is no different when it comes to buying parts for the purpose of enhancing your motorbike. If you want your motorcycle to become more powerful an expert will be able to point you in the right direction of doing so. After all, different brands of motorcycles respond differently to the changes that are made, as not all motorcycles are constructed in the same way. Thus, the expert will be able to tell you about the best way to enhance your motorcycle considering your brand, model, and current horsepower of your motorcycle.

Aside from this, by going down the route of the experts you will be able to ensure that you get your hands on high-quality motorcycle parts. The experts have the connections with those that are the very best in the industry and thus they will be able to guarantee you get the best parts for you. When you merely buy off the internet you can easily fall into the trap of buying a product that is not of quality. And whilst finding a cheap deal can be attractive, when it comes to the proper functioning of your motorcycle quality should always come first. If you buy cheap parts you will end up replacing them a lot quicker than expected.

There is no two ways about it; no matter what parts you need for your motorcycle or why you need them it is always better to seek the aid of experts in the field.

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