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Top Reasons For Getting Rid Of Your Car

Cars are no doubt great things that make life much easier and convenient, so it’s understandable that many people want or need a car for things like getting to work or just being able to travel around easily - especially in some countries where things like public transport aren’t as readily available as in others.

However, if you’ve ever considered or are currently considering getting rid of your car, then we’re going to share in this post with you some good reasons for doing just that.

It’s better for the environment:

It’s no secret that cars aren’t exactly a friend to the environment, so if you’re in any way concerned about maintaining the planet and keeping your lifestyle as green as possible, then it could be a good reason to consider giving up your car or at least using it only when necessary if you genuinely can’t give up your car completely for practical reasons.

It’s healthier:

It’s not just healthier for the earth, but also for you. Aside from the fumes being breathed in from cars everyday, depending on how much time you have to spend in your car - for example, if you have to commute, then you’re spending a lot of time sitting, which is really unhealthy and can lead to many different health issues. Plus if you’re sitting in a car all day, you’re not getting the same exercise or fresh air that you would if you were taking other ways of transportation such as cycling or walking.

It’s cheaper:

Cars are definitely not cheap, and even if you save on the cost of the car when you purchase it, then there are ongoing costs that can quickly mount up and lead to a rather expensive outgoing each month. Whether it’s the insurance costs, the odd time you’ll need a car accident attorney or even your monthly car payment, there are definitely costs with a car that once you get rid of it you’ll see how much you could be saving each month by not having one.

It can be less stressful:

Between long commutes to and from work each day stuck in traffic jams, looking for a parking space in the busy city centers and a lot of other stresses including the boredom of sitting in a car all day can quickly mount up and all become very stressful aspects of owning a car, and when you no longer own one then it can make a noticeable difference which is good because stress is definitely not something you want to be adding to your life if you don’t have to.

We hope that this post was helpful in giving you some things to think about when it comes time to decide if you should get rid of your car or if keeping it is a better fit for your lifestyle. Of course, even if any of these things appeal to you, but you’re not able to give your car up completely, you certainly don’t have to. You can just cut down on how much you use it.

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