powcastJames Toney is confident he will win at UFC 118

Looks like the Boxing champ  is up and hype for the challenge this coming Sunday at UFC 118, he will face Randy " The Natural" Couture.

I see a trend of more boxing fighter trying MMA.

Mayorga  of Boxing was supposed to be in an MMA match before, it was only because of his contractual obligation with Don King that is why it did not happen.

If this will be a stand up game I see Toney winning it, But Couture will not be stupid enough to stand up in front of a boxer, He will most probably wrestle this guy and come away with the win.

I like the sport but I am not an expert and usually my predictions never come true, this time I chose the obvious winner and if my prediction still prove other wise then there is something wrong with  me.

Oh yeah, I think BJ Penn will WIN with this time around aswell , watch out for UFC 118 here

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