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by Pow Salud To: Dana White and Zuffa, LLC

Dana and Friends,

Today I received another DMCA complaint against my site "POWCAST.NET coming from Zuffa, LLC sent by MiMTiD Corp. subject Google REPEAT Notice of Copyright Infringement from Zuffa, LLC.  

I have deleted all post with videos, pictures of anything directly related to UFC before but then again you send me another complaint, What are you talking about? can you tell me which of my post August 23 qualified for Copyright Infringement?  

UFC and Mixed Martial Arts is a growing sports and I congratulate you and your group for managing it well, in fact let me extend and say good job for making a deal with Fox. Now you will grow more and more and have more  and more website or blogger to feature your materials and follow UFC. Great for the sports. Well done.

Don't you think going on small guys like me is a little too much. I am not asking for you to allow me to post videos of the fights or any of your materials but come one if you are referring to this post "LOL Video Tale of Chael Sonnen" don't you think its too much. I write down some of my own words and embedded the video from youtube. You tube! I should be able to embed it right? and dont you think you should chase down the uploader of the video on You tube.What is it or what post?

Anyways I will try very hard not to infringe any of your rule and your rule only because other sports allows it. So if you be so kind sending me a direct letter to my email powcaster@gmail.com and perhaps letting me know of ways on how I can still help hype up and promote UFC or MMA with out any of your infringement notice that will be great. Frankly its very irritating especially when I see the bigger website continue to do it.  

Better if you just give me authority to post some of your materials. hehehe!

Dana White I like your UFC! peace! Oh Strikeforce too.




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