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Korean Novela in Wuhan: Philippines Dream Shattered

Sad Ending to a Promising Start for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas

An excellent start has ended with ah ah  well ended. Smart Gilas won almost every game in the elimination round of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship in Wuhan, China. Smart Gilas was cruising the elimination round and was playing like a well oiled machine. They are poised to win it all, but what seemed to be a good sign of things to come turned out to be a  preparation for a much bigger heartache. Oh well it must've felt like falling down from Mt Everest and landing face first on a rock and to make matter worst we lost to the same team that gave us the same feeling back in the Asian games. 

I hate Koreans, Koreans made us cry with their telenovelas and it looks like its the same with basketball.
The Philippine team  played their heart out but just could not pull it off when it mattered the most. Last two games were the biggest games for the Philippines of the tournament but just (exhale) could not hold the lead. The loss to Jordan was acceptable it was really a bad game for the Philippines but with the lost to the Koreans was just painful. Losing this way to the Koreans is just , is just......... I cant find the words to explain, its more than upsetting. Imagine leading the whole game just to give it away in the end. Its a total eclipse of the heart. Smart Gilas is a very talented team however they showed that they are bunch of newbies choking themselves to death in the fourth quarter. 

What is next for the Smart Gilas? 

Most of these players are going pro so we will still see them play in the Philippine Basketball Association so this means that the national squad would have to rebuild once again and start a new.  Well cycle goes on and the quest for the Philippines to reach the Olympics would have to be on hold for now however the road to being one of the supreme team in Asia is still open, its long way ahead but its now clearer, with this tournament we have established once again that we are a team to beat in Asia and our quest to be on top of the podium is within the grasp of our hand. Sooner hopefully not later we will be the the number 1 team in Asia once again, we should be as we are the craziest basketball fan in the world.

I am still proud of our Philippine basketball team.  Go Smart Gilas!  

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