Do you remember Manute Bol? Well his son could be the next big thing!

Manute Bol's son dunking Bol Bol

Bol Bol may not be the prettiest of names, but this kid could be the next big thing literally.

Charles Barkley and Manute Ball

Manute Bol was the 7'5 giant who played in the NBA, this skinny player was towering everyone in the NBA during his days and it looks like his son could potentially do the same thing. Bol Bol the son of Manute is showing some skills that could make him a prospect for the NBA in the years to come. It is unclear how much more he would grow to be, but he is currently at 6'6 now and just like his dad, he is just too big for his team mates. I just hope he would develop some muscle.

Watch Bol Bol play ball

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