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5 NBA Players That could Potentially be Traded (or Not)

Not performing well, not a fit, salary cap and many more ... These are just some of the reasons why a few NBA players will be traded within the season. Here are 5 players that could potentially be headed to a different team. 

1. Josh Smith - The 11-year veteran is evidently  not the same as he was and he is definitely finding it hard to fit in the setup of Doc Rivers. The Clippers may move him out for a player that they can utilize in the playoffs. 

2. Omer Asik - Once a rebounding machine now he found himself being unproductive. New Orleans may be better off without him and Asik may have better luck somewhere else.

3. Brandon Bass - He was supposed to make the Lakers better, but that is not happening. For some reason, Byron Scott is also not utilizing the highly regarded and former Celtics player. Lakers may have better use trading him for future picks especially now that Kobe Bryant is retiring, they may need more draft picks.

4. Robin Lopez - Just signed this year with the Knicks. He was brought in to compliment Carmelo Anthony and Rookie Kristap but apparently both Anthony and Kristap plays better without the big guy.  Robin got a huge deal from the Knicks and he might just be a candidate for a trade, to free up some cap space.

5. Lou Williams-  Sweet Lou may be too sweet for the rebuilding Lakers. The team will obviously not make it to the playoffs so it may be better of trading their assets for a draft pick. One dimensional Lou may be one of the many candidates.



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