Mountaineer Patrick “Heartthrob Voyager” San Diego takes adventures to greater heights

Fear and quitting is not in the vocabulary of this young lad from Taguig City. He makes sure that
in every adventure  he is in, he always gives his best and doesn’t forget to thank God for all of his accomplishments. Let us take a peek at this young and handsome mountaineer’s life.

Born Patrick C. San Diego on April 3, 1996 inTaguig City to Mr. Marcelo S. San Diego and Ms. Nerissa C. San Diego, the hunky student is currently studying BSMT third Year College in University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) Las Piňas.

“I am an adventurous person and I like these kinds of activities. I am also not afraid of heights”, quipped Patrick. The first mountain that he had trekked was in Morong Rizal on the 15th day of May 2010 followed by Mt. Binikayan in Montalban, Rizal. “My unforgettable experience in climbing is when I get to the summit. I think it was all worth the hardships once you get your goal of getting there. Mountain climbing can also veer us away from bad vices” addedPatrick.

He said that it is very fulfilling especially when you are on top. “When you are at the summit, all the hard work pays off. There is fulfillment especially if you’ve overcome all the hardships along the trail”. Asked about his advice to aspiring mountaineers and other young people as well, “Be
ready for any possibility that can happen in the mountain and take extra precautions especiallythose dangerous parts of the mountain. I can say that it is an amazing experience to climb a mountain because aside from its beauty and majestic views, climbing up mountain also inspires other people, so keep on inspiring others. Don’t forget to pray and be thankful to God for all the creations he had given us. If you’re on top, you can see God’s creations at its finest” said Patrick.

Patrick’s ambition in life is to finish his studies, have a decent job and help his family. The journey of a thousand mile begins with one step as the saying goes, but Patrick San Diego, an adventure lover
and mountain climbing aficionado, is ready to take on that journey thru the mountains of life
every step of the way.

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