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Basketball Culture :NBA 2016 playoffs - Russel Westbrook

In the 2016 playoffs, Russell Westbrook has worn everything from flowing, billowy pants to a shirt with a giant hole in the front — his shirts, pants, hats and shoes designed by many different people. These are some of the outfits curated by designers.

Thunder vs. Mavericks GAME 5

Designer: “Russell is wearing an Honorable Mention Poncho. He’s going for a monochromatic cozy look, but tops the outfit off with a fedora to give the look a slight classy touch.”

Thunder vs. Spurs GAME 1

Designer: “Russ got a lot of negative feedback for this look, but I feel as though he was confident enough to pull this look off. The shades of denim in the oversized T-shirt, the rips in his distressed denim and the shade of footwear worked well together.” 

Designer2: “Russell wears our Mobay Construct Original. It’s a custom-made shirt with five types of raw denim, and a raw tattered collar and hem stitching. The shirt was inspired by Montego Bay’s landscape, and we were surprised to learn that Shaq and Charles Barkley were huge fans! :)”

Thunder vs. Spurs GAME 2

Designer: “Russ was going for a more grunge look, which I feel he pulled off pretty well. Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Johnny would’ve been proud of this outfit.”

Thunder vs. Spurs GAME 3

Designer: “This Patagonia look is homage to our generation, which is really a retrospect to the 90's in how influential they were to our pop culture and style. I think he is going for the less is more kind of concept. He just wants to push the envelope and express his ability to move a lot of different ways. 

“I feel here, too, his style represents his body of play, which is very aggressive, yet very versatile. I think the look with the bandana and the cut-off T-shirt, especially the 90's teal Patagonia represents his upbringing, which is a 90's child, a free spirit and an open-minded individual.”

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