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Abueva: The Man We Love to Hate and Hate to Love and His Never Say Die Attitude

Calvin Abueva teasing our photographer

Meanwhile, we won't see much of Calvin Abueva as the Alaska Aces have made their exit when they lost to Ginebra last Tuesday. At least not until the next Commisioners Cup. 

But why do we hate and love Calvin Abueva? How can two such divergent attitudes be directed to a person at the same time? And yes, I believe Calvin Abueva often leisurely wander through that thin line between love and hate. 

He was already very much loathed even when he was just a rookie. He was a newcomer and yet he instantly threw himself as a bad guy with his physicality and foolery. He mocks, taunts and makes fun of opposing teams and can immediately hush fans while raising a finger. Name it, you got it. 

But when did we truly appreciate him? Yes, we loved him at the time he wore the Philippine colors and became our country's self sacrificing ally playing for the Gilas. And if you searchingly look at him, you will realize that he just does his job on the court and couldn't be bothered with what other people say or think of him. His coaches and teammates are quick to say that he is an initiator, the only one who you will see play with so much energy. And with each passing season, Calvin has worked hard and has matured in his character and his abilities.

"Calvin is the one who you don't want to be enemies with but who you want to be teammates with. He has the type of presence that brings out the best in his teammates and the worst in his opponents". - teammates

At the end of the day, when you really look at it, he actually is also an epitome of the Never Say Die attitude. He has a warrior's spirit and puts his heart to the game. 

Glory to The Beast!

Sa mga Kabarangays: Good luck on the Manila Clasico Semis  and "Never Say Die"! Walang nga-nganga!

Watch some of Calvin Abueva's highlights below:



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