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Loyal Ginebra Fans Urge Players To Never Say Die, Click to Write Your Message

It's hard to imagine that the Barangay Ginebra is again in the same situation. It's a do or die series for them. This time, however the complexion, the importance and the  challenge is much different. Down 1 game to 3  against the best team in the PBA is almost unsurmountable and would require the team to work perfectly.

No room for errors. Barangay Ginebra not only needs to play with heart but they have to execute their game plan as if they are robots in a factory, they have to be perfect.

Veterans. This is crunch time and while the young Gins are playing well, the veterans needs to step up especially Sol Mercado who have been in a slump all series long. He was instrumental in the semi finals but against SMB, his performance had been a dreadful one.

Tenorio, while steady but still below average, performance needs to explode now. Devance has carried them last game but it was not enough to convert it to a win and an elevated performance from LA might be the extra boost they needed.

Kevin Ferrer continues to be reliable and Scottie Thompson has been a good supporting cast but it has been awhile since he has recorded a triple double. It may be a bit too much to ask but think of it this way, if he is able to get those stats in, they usually win.

There a lot of reasons why Ginebra is not getting the win but it's  certainly not the fans. If there is something consistent about Ginebra, it's the undying support of their fans. Win or lose, they're there to shout and cheer. They spend their hard earned money to be able go to the venue and buy tickets, sometimes double or triple the price. They stand up for hours and squeeze themselves in  to make sure that Ginebra have a massive cheering power at the venue. Fans at home stop at everything to watch every single Ginebra game.

The fans, they are always there and they never give up, give in and surrender. They have been fighting and will always do win or lose. Ginebra fans encourages every kabarangay: Never Say Die!

What is your message to the rest of the Barangay Ginebra and Players. Comment below. 



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