Paul George Said His Early Goodbye to Pacers. Indiana Scrambles, Talks to the Cavaliers

It's official, Paul George wants to be a Laker after his contract expires in 2018.

Lakers fans right now has something to smile about as the 27-year-old George is set to sign with them in an obvious move after revealing a number of times on television how he likes to be a Laker. That is punctuated after he officially informed the Pacers franchise that he would be leaving for the former.

Paul George is having the times of his life averaging his best point production in seven seasons at 23.7. He is the epitome of a comeback player, after having an almost career ending injury breaking his leg. He is playing as if nothing happened.

Indiana Pacers is left scrambling to their feet and would not probably wait for 2018 to let go of the star forward. It would make sense for them to trade him to a team that would need instant offense and would accept him for one year and one year only.

Who would be crazy to do that?

According to news and reliable NBA insider from the Vertical, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pacers is engaged in a conversation with the Cavaliers for a short term trade/rental of Lakers bound Paul George in exchange for Kevin Love who recently has not found the rhythm to work with the Cavaliers roster.

Paul George is an exciting prospect for any team but to have him for just one year may not be as attractive as it is.

Do you think the Cavaliers should get Paul George?