Who is the Real Winner in the Celtics and Sixers Trade?

So the Celtics, after winning the number one pick decided that they want it anyway.  Danny Ainge of the Celtics has shown a lot of balls by pulling this trade as he put his legacy on the line by trading potential superstar Markelle Fultz to the Sixers. 

Fultz, a point guard, could be the next big thing in the NBA but the Celtics at this stage may not need one right now as their biggest star Isaiah Thomas is a point guard as well.  The upcoming draft class is stacked with good point guards up to the top 10 and the Celtics feels that Fultz may not be a necessary addition to the current roster especially if they want to win now. 

Full Trade Details Involving the #1 Overall Pick:

Celtics Gets: 76ers #3 overall pick, 2018 unprotected 1st round pick (via LAL), AND a 2019 1st-round pick (via SAC). 

76ers Gets: #1 overall pick, will select Markelle Fultz!

Who won this deal?