Amonsot fight in Australia ends in no-contest;calls out by Foley for a fight!

(L-Amonsot / R-Escobar photo by Marty Camilleri)

Australia based Filipino Czar Amonsot (34-3-3-1,22) fight with Argentina's Martin Enrique Escobar ended (17-3) up in a no-contest because Amonsot suffered a nasty cut in left eyebrow due to accidental head clash in just second round. Insufficient rounds contested to qualify other decisions (according to 

"Disappointing result We ended up a no contest last night after the opponent deliberately head butted to cause a large cut above czar eye Another 30 seconds Escobar knew he would be knocked out and Took the easy way out after getting hurt badly Czar had best training camp Ever being jeff horns main sparring partner and looked amazing Still no 3 in the world and we wait our time" said Czar Amonsot's manager Brian Amatruda that he posted to his facebook account.

But before the fight Another Aussie fighter named Darragh Foley called him out for a title eliminator fight. Foley posted to his facebook account that he wants a title eliminator fight with Filipino boxer Amonsot. The post is still public you can check it out for yourself. click here

"What the f*** is this sh**? Hasn't fought in over a year and never above 6rds (pertaining to Escobar). You are a Champion (Amonsot) albeit an/my interim 1 when you gonna start acting like one. You can fool some people some of the time but you can''t fool everyone all of the time... I am ready Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday lets fu**ing do it WBA World Title Eliminator lets go.

Czar Amonsot is rated number 3 in World Boxing Association (WBA) Superlightweight/140 pounds division while Darragh Foley(12-2,8) of Sydney Australia is rated number 14. Foley is the current WBA Ocenia champion and Amonsot holds the interim WBA Ocenia title. Title eliminator fight between these two boxers would be easily approve by WBA and the fight will be easily made if the both sides are willing  to negotiate.