Where's the Rockets Direction? Signed Chris Paul, Traded for Melo and now Selling the Team

The Rockets is going up, up, up for sale!

Yes, you read it right! The Rockets are making the headline for all different reasons. First, they gave James Harden the biggest deal in the NBA. Then they signed Chris Paul. Now they are chasing for Carmelo Anthony and there is a big possibility of them acquiring him.

The Rockets are not done with their big news as they also announced that they will be selling their franchise. Leslie Alexander the Rockets owner since 1993 is selling the team and it surprised us all.

“It’s been my great joy and honor to own the Houston Rockets for the past 24 years,” Alexander said in a statement. “I’ve had the incredible opportunity to witness true greatness through the players and coaches who have won championships for the city, been named to All-Star and All-NBA teams, enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and done so much for our franchise and our fans.”
According to our resources, Alexander has been approached by buyers and has been contemplating on selling the team for years until now.