(BASELINE) Triple Threat Manila is organized by Varxity Org who envisions the development of a world – class Filipino athletes. Headed by Kriza Cawan, who wants to provide not just games but also to educate young Filipino’s around the nation the importance of building a holistic program for our future athletes. In this event, BASELINE they will teach you not the skills and the rules of playing the 3×3 basketball, but they will help you understand and realized the importance of PREPARATION.
PREPARATION: according to WEBSTER dictionary it means the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty.
An action or process, that sounds big. Everyone needs to prepare in any aspect of life. Not just on sports, but in everyday life. In this case, coach Paolo (yours truly) and coach Kriza shares the same drive to inform players (and the future) that educating them in the early stage in crucial to their future.
WARM – UP…  By far the most underrated part of every training program, aside from the periodization, warm – up plays a key role in preparing ourselves in engaging to any physical activity. A lot of studies have been done all over the world in doing the warm up the right way. One study by our very own countrymen coach Jeffrey Pagaduan, CSCS in regards to Warm Up protocols, revealed that  a general warm-up and a general warm-up with dynamic stretching posted the greatest gains among all interventions. On the other hand, no warm-up and passive static stretching displayed the least results in countermovement jump performance. In conclusion, countermovement jump performance preceded by a general warm-up or a general warm-up with dynamic stretching posted superior gains in countermovement jump performance (Pagaduan 2012).
Take a good read at the abstract, at some point in there it is better to have a warm – up than no warm up at all. And the least they used in preparation is the common static stretching which is known world wide. It is like, when someone said “Have your warm-up.” Static Stretching is the first thing in mind for them to do. Although it has an improvement in our body. However, other forms of warm – up have showed significant improvement in athletic performance. Of course… COOL DOWN is also important as a WARM – UP. We want our body to recover efficiently after a series of bouts.
THIS is what the BASELINE is all about. A STARTING POINT. We will show and teach you how it is done. We will start of with an warm up program called FIFA 11+ it is developed by FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre(F-MARC) , the programme was based on a randomised controlled study and one countrywide campaign in amateur football that significantly reduced injuries and healthcare costs. Since the FIFA 11+ launch, key publications have confirmed the preventive effects of the programme and have evaluated its performance effects in female as well as male amateur football players. Furthermore, implementation strategies of this prevention programme have also been studied. The goal of this narrative review was to summarise the available scientific evidence about the FIFA 11+ programme. While FIFA continues to disseminate and implement FIFA 11+ among its Member Associations, adaptations of the injury prevention programme for children and referees have been developed and are currently being evaluated (Bizzini 2012) and it is not just used in FOOTBALL, but also in BASKETBALL.
Published by Longo et. al (2012) During the 9-month season, 23 (19%) of the 121 players included in the study sustained a total of 31 injuries (14 in the intervention group and 17 in the control group). In the intervention group, injury rates per 1000 athlete-exposures were lower than those in the control group, with statistical significance, for overall injuries (0.95 vs 2.16; P = .0004), training injuries (0.14 vs 0.76; P = .007), lower extremity injuries (0.68 vs 1.4; P = .022), acute injuries (0.61 vs 1.91; P < .0001), and severe injuries (0 vs 0.51; P = .004). The intervention group also had statistically significant lower injury rates for trunk (0.07 vs 0.51; P = .013), leg (0 vs 0.38; P = .007), and hip and groin (0 vs 0.25; P = .023) compared with the control group. There was no statistically significant difference in match injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, and overuse injuries between 2 groups. The most frequent acute injury diagnoses were ligament sprains (0.41 and 0.38 in the intervention and control groups, respectively; P < .006) and contractures (0.76 and 0.07 in the control and intervention groups, respectively; P < .003).
ALL IN ALL Conclusion: The FIFA 11+ warm-up program is effective in reducing the rates of injuries in elite male basketball players.
This warm – up will help our athletes to at least follow a certain process of warming up that could help them improve their athletic performance and learning for the long term athletic development.
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Article submitted by: Triple Threat

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