Baseline, 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp Day 1

Are you an avid fan of basketball but feel you don’t have enough skills to play the game? Or are you already a player that wishes to recalibrate his techniques?

If you answered yes, then put on your basketball shoes,  suit up in your jerseys and prepare your mind and body because Triple Threat Manila organized the Baseline, a 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp that would awaken the athlete in you with vigorous drills and training from the best coaches in the field!

The first day of Baseline was successfully launched last September 2, 2017 at Ateneo de Manila University Quezon City by Triple Threat Manila in partnership with Toby’s, RSR Athletics, Wilson, Sports Hub,  and with Coach John Ramirez – a Pro-Athlete, multi-awarded and former PBA Assistant Coach – as the head coach of the event.

The Baseline, 3-day camp started its kickoff with warm up drills that tested the stamina of the participants from basic stretches, high knees, lunges, and to full court run-on footwork which prepared them for the next 3 hours of rigorous training. The coaches first taught the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and dribbling with one drill after the other. As the players catch their breath the desire to improve emanated from their perseverance in each set. The fundamentals are the foundation in any sport but together with that must the passion and true grit to progress.

Since basketball is a tactical and ethical sport, a lecture on the rules of the game and techniques to avoid fouling were integrated to embed a strategic mindset as they play in the court.

 “Excellence, teamwork and humility” these were the core values echoed by Coach Mon Casuga in a team lecture. He enlightened the players that more than building the physique it was also important to shape the principles because together with their abilities they also bring with them their attitudes in court.

A fast-paced scrimmage game concluded the day and showcased the techniques that the players learned. Though still rough on some edges the potential to develop through more practice and training were evident. Regardless of age, skill and relations the random team up of players demonstrated their flexible team dynamics and strengths.

Tired but satisfied the participants went home looking forward to the next day of the boot camp. And though they have still much to learn they knew that legends are not made overnight, nonetheless all of them have begun somewhere and for the 28 players in the camp, they have made their first step and their journey has just started and it begins here at Baseline, 3x3 Basketball Boot Camp.

Writers: Marianne Somera and Irone Tolibao

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