LeBron James got a ton of Emotions for Kyrie Irving, Upset About One Thing

LeBron James is upset that Kyrie took the DNA and the Blueprint to Boston Celtics

A candor LeBron James showed up at the media day answering questions about Kyrie Irving, in fact, it is the first topic that he chose to talk about.

LeBron James looks confident but showed a lot of emotions and probably still got a lot of questions running through his head as he himself is uncertain on why Kyrie chose to leave Cleveland.

Was it him? Is it the management? LeBron James didn't know exactly the reasons other than he was told by Kyrie Irving that he is taking a different direction in his career. Obviously, Cleveland Cavaliers got a good return on investment getting Isaiah Thomas so it won't really hurt Cleveland as much.

LeBron James also noted that he was ready to give the key to Kyrie when he is ready but it is unfortunate that he chose to leave and now Kyrie is not getting any advice from the King.

When asked if he has any advice for Kyrie Irving in Boston:

I dont have any advice for him now, you're either with us or against us - LeBron James.

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