The Dwayne Wade Effect

This deal will have a series of rippling effects

The Cavs has just gotten stronger. Or have they?

When the news about the Chicago Bulls and Dwayne Wade finally had agreed on the buyout agreement with regards to Wade's contract, the rest of the NBA went crazy because of the great number of teams already lining up to get Wade's services. And believe it or not, one of those teams that approached the Flash is the Oklahoma City Thunder which recently acquired another star in Carmelo Anthony via a trade just last week. 

Of course, there were talks about the possibility of a return to the Miami Heat but if anything, no rumors grew louder than the one surrounding the possibility of a reunion between Wade and LeBron James, in Cleveland. And true to form, one of the greatest dynamic duos that the NBA has seen, has just been reunited after Dwayne Wade agreed to play with his pal, LeBron James, for the defending Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Many NBA pundits, including the one writing this piece, has already predicted this reunion but to some, it's not the question of the talents of both Wade and LeBron because when it comes to talent, we all know how talented both players are especially during their championship runs with the Miami Heat.

It's the question of how Wade will be able to blend in a Cavaliers roster that already has Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and of course, Derrick Rose. While Wade has been expected to start for the Cavs, Rose will likely start in place of Thomas who is likely to miss some games as he is still recovering from the hip injury he sustained during last season's Eastern Conference Finals. 

With  everything that has been said, below are the major effects of this deal not just to the Cavs, but to the rest of the league:

A Super Team Gone More Super(?)

During the past 3 seasons, super teams have been popping out in the NBA thanks to the effect that is called, the Golden State Warriors effect. While some say that it was LeBron James who started this trend when he joined the Heat back in 2010, the balance in the NBA has never been the same since  Kevin Durant joined the Warriors last season after the latter blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals the season before it. That's how everyone wanted to beat the Warriors so badly. 

While the Cavs are still considered as a powerhouse team in the East even before Dwayne Wade came over, there's no doubt in everyone's mind that this deal will cement the Cavs' status as one of the strongest teams in the league- at least on paper. In fact, they might be better come the regular season and the playoffs because we all know that Wade has been one of the most reliable clutch players any coach can trust to make the final shot. It's now the question of how Coach Tyronn Lue will manage his rotation and how the players will react to Wade's arrival. 

But like it or not, the Cavs is now a team which can go miles and miles away with four superstars in their starting line-up.

The East Belongs to the Cavs. For now.

Like it or not, even a Boston Celtics team that has Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward plus Al Horford cannot compete with the Cavs- at least on paper. The Bulls have lost Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo to the West. The Toronto Raptors will have to hope that DeMar DeRozan will lessen his tendency to shoot bricks should they want to compete against the Cavs. 

The Washington Wizards? John Wall can't carry the Wizards even if he has magic powers like Harry Potter. Who is left to challenge the Cavs come the playoffs? Answer:  Nobody. The Celtics can try but the Cavaliers will have more firepower by then should Wade, Thomas and Rose stay healthy come playoff time. 

Increased Chances of Keeping LeBron. For now.

While the rumors surrounding LeBron's impending move to the Los Angeles Lakers come next season are refusing to die, having one of his best pals in the team will help LeBron rebuild his strained relationship with the Cavs front office. Or at the very least, keep the tensions minimal. Wade's arrival will also add leadership which will be very much needed especially during clutch situations. 

But one important effect of the Dwayne Wade deal for Cleveland, in general, is that one way or another, this deal will increase the Cavs' chances of keeping LeBron especially if this reunion will produce a championship assuming Cleveland makes it back to the Finals and beat the Warriors. And should that scenario happens, there's a high chance that the King will reconsider his decision to sign with the Lakers come July of 2018. But given the fact that this is the NBA, anything can happen between now and 2018 so basically, it's a wait-and-see game. 

In the end, chemistry will dictate how far this reunion will go and if this reunion will indeed, end in a championship parade. Yes, the Cavs have gotten themselves a veteran star in Wade. Yes, the Cavs have no one else in the East to at least, challenge them come playoffs. And yes, NBA fans, the Cavs have formed an even deadlier-on-paper super team who will try to dethrone the Warriors. 

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