VIDEO: Eliminated Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas Struggled Against China Kashgar, 7 Key Stats

China Does Not Need an Andre Blatche, But we do

The Philippine Team struggled all game long as they trail three of the four quarters of the game en route to being eliminated in the series with the score of 86 - 70.

It was difficult to watch two basketball games last night as Meralco Bolts vs Blackwater had their knockout QF game and Chooks To Go Pilipinas faced China but my experience may not be as hard as what are boys had against the Blatch-less China Kashgar who controlled the game.

The Philippine has an up and down performance in the tournament and unfortunately, these type tournament does not allow inconsistencies. Our young boys got extinguish in the tournament but hopefully, they have acquired the much-needed experience in an international game.

Key Stats and Figure of the Game

1 . GREAT SHOOTING FOR CHINA: 50% FG Percentage of China against a measly 37% of the Philippines. Against China, this poor shooting almost guarantees a loss.

2. CHINA SHARED THE BALL: 17 Assist against 9 of the Philippines, clearly, the Philippines had issue executing their play and playing as a cohesive unit. Lack of preparation and familiarity is the reason as the team was never supposed to be in the tournament in the first place.

3. DOMINATION OF CHINA: 38.27 Minutes and 21 points, These are the number of time that they are in the lead in a 40-minute game and the highest lead they got. Truly, the Philippine teams were disheartened in a way as they could not find any way to even get a single lead at any time in the game.

4. ANDRAY BLATCHE > ISAIAH AUSTIN: Socred 16 points on 5 out of 12 shooting. Not the kind of performance we need from an import in a knockout game. Andray Blatche would have done more. The defense also played a big factor as they have denied entry pass to the big man all game long.

5. KIEFER SHOW: No one else but Kiefer was playing well, Cruz, Torres, Teng Brother all had a bad game.

6. DEFENSE: The Philippines defense was just like a 7/Eleven convenience store. It's open 24 hours and the gunner of China was just knocking almost every shot, including the dreaded three's that killed the Philippines.

7. THREE POINTS: 14 Threes on 40% shooting for China while the Philippine was only able to get 5 from the rainbow land.

Ultimately China was just the better and the more prepared team than the Philippines and while our hopes were high, we were not expecting anything from our young cadets, after all, it is not the best National team.

Although we will not go home the winner of the tournament, the stint may have served some of its purposes as we try to identify future players and import. This should give the national team management some idea of the players and of course Isaiah Austin.

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