5 Reasons Why the Cavs Played their Preseason 0-3

Another loss for the Cavs as they were slayed by Wizards

LeBron James deflecting the ball against Andre Iguodola

Preseason is just preseason

They want to be a hundred percent fresh when the regular season fires up.

Digging Deeper

Preseason isn’t about winning but about seeing the potential of your ‘whole’ team. The power inside Cavs main men are unquestionably exponential so what they have to do is to see how the rest of their players work together because they cannot rely on their frontline all the time.

There will be moments that someone needs to have a huge game off the bench. This was exactly what they’ve done in their match against the Washington Wizards. Zizic, Green, Osman, Felder and Korver were the starting five of that game. And it is productive as 3 of their starters end up in double figures (Green, Felder and Korver)

Regain Strength

As of now, LeBron James is still suffering from his ankle injury, the Cavs still are grateful that King James missed out only Preseason games and is likely to play in the regular season. According to Coach Ty Lue, it's just a sprain. LeBron is not playing because it is just swollen.

Trump Card

If you have read my last article about Cavs concealing their trump card, as of now this is still the idea. Especially now that even Dwyane Wade and the rest of the powerhouse didn’t play their 3rd game.

Mystery awaiting to be unfold

Cavs are putting up a lot of expectation to the NBA Universe, they must satisfy the whole world with their electrifying performance. This season must end historically for the Cavs.

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